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Home Remedies for Scabies | Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Scabies Fast

Have you ever had this urge to scratch yourself soon after you met someone doing the same? Well, that’s not just you imitating it, it might be that you caught scabies. Yes, this contagious disease spreads easily from person to person. It affects more than 300 million persons a year worldwide regardless age, gender or race. Most of the time it gets ignored due to its innocuous beginning. Scabies is caused by the penetration of a human itch mite called Sarcoptesscabiei. These tiny itch mites perforate into the skin of the host and cause itches and rashes. These mites usually die within 72 hours if there is no human contact, but once it does, it can prolong its stay up to 3 months. Scabies rash grows profoundly in cold and moist environment, thus appearing mostly on wrist, armpits, elbow, buttocks and genital region.

There are many scabicidal and antimicrobial agents to treat the condition. Other oral antihistamine works well to relieve the pain. But the best way to naturally wipe out the …