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Home Remedies To Treat Leucoderma | How to Heal Leucoderma Naturally?

Leucoderma is a skin disorder where the skin begins to turn white. The medical term for this is vitiligo and is basically a pigmentation problem. Actually, our skin gets its color from a pigment called melanin and if the cells which make melanin are unhealthy they will affect melanin production. Too much of melanin makes skin dark and less of it makes it light. If a person is suffering from Leucoderma then the melanin from his or her skin decreases. In the primary stage, people ignore these patches as they are too small but gradually these patches become big and spread all over your body. Many medical treatments are available to treat this skin disorder but sometimes these treatments do not suit your skin type and are also very expensive too. There are many home remedies for Leucoderma and which will help a person to treat this life changing disease, some of them are:

Basil leaves and Lime Juice  Basil leaves are vital antiviral and anti-aging attributes which are beneficial for the ski…